Basic Ceilings
Basic ceilings

Cbi Europe’s basic ceilings are made up of mineral fibre, plasterboard and gypsum panels, 600 x 600, and suspended by special support structures. The space (technical area) that is created between the panel and the ceiling or the wall (on which the structure rests) is used to accommodate the plumbing and electrical wiring, and is 100% inspectable.

The standard elements are modular, lightweight and durable, easy to handle, easy and fast to install, inspect, ready for delivery, ideal for being installed in large interior spaces such as shopping centres, auditoriums, cinemas or technical laboratories. Great acoustic performance, fire and moisture resistant, washable, free of toxic materials and, if desired finished with a fungicidal and antibacterial coating, therefore they can also be used in sterile environments such as canteens, hospitals or schools.

Ready for delivery, thanks to aesthetic research and advanced technology, our products provide many benefits over traditional systems:

Achieving flexible, comfortable, contemporary and socially responsible interiors
Obtaining points for LEED certification
Soundproofed environments
Speeding up construction
Containing costs of labour and maintenance
Structures and systems 100% inspectable
Integration with advanced climate control, domotics and lighting
Precise budgeting

The wide range of products and finishes available gives customers the ability to consolidate the shipment thus lowering the costs of transport.

With the different panels available, the wide range of colours and finishes offer the designer the possibility to choose the best fit according to the technical, aesthetic and acoustic requirements of each environment.

Cbi Europe’s Basic ceilings are divided into 3 categories:

Christchurch Hospital, Christchurch
St Margaret's College Gymnasium and Classrooms, Auckland
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