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False ceilings with aluminium or steel metal tiles are easy to fit into any type of environment thanks to highly versatile architectural elements that can be customised with standard or customised finishes. 
Available in a variety of sizes, including customised designs, metal ceilings made with Lay-in panels provide effective acoustic correction of rooms.

Easy to install, inspectionable, integrable with accessories such as lighting or air conditioning systems, CBI Europe metal ceilings and claddings are durable, sustainable, free of toxic materials, resistant to humidity and can also be used in sterile environments such as canteens and hospitals thanks to fungicidal and antibacterial paints.

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large public spaces:
halls, shopping centers, banks, museums, cinemas, theaters, convention centers, swimming pools, gyms, stores.
workplaces: offices, corridors, meeting rooms, conference centers, common areas, television studios, data processing centers.
transport: subways, airports, train stations, truck stops, gas stations and refueling.
education: schools, libraries, universities, bookstores.
hospitality: hotels, restaurants, wineries, meeting rooms, yoga studios.
healthcare; outpatient clinics, doctors' offices, hospitals, sterile areas.


· Complete range of metal tiles and mounting structures.
· Acoustic correction of rooms.
· Fire and earthquake resistance.
· Easy cleaning and maintenance.
· Total inspectability.
· Antibacterial and fungicidal paints.
· 100% made in Italy.

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pannelli standard e custom size
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Metal Ceilings
  • EXPO 100
  • SPRING EXPO 100 · 600X600
  • DOWN CLIP 200 · 600X600
Metal Ceilings_custom Sizes
  • DOWN CLIP 200
  • ACCESS 300
  • MODULAR 400
  • MODULAR 500
  • PARALLEL 600
  • HOOK 700
  • HOOK ON 800
  • HOOK ON PLUS 900
  • CORRIDOR 1000
  • SLIDING 1100
  • HOOK ON 1300
  • CASSETTE 1500
Metal Coverings