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  • Hi-tech integrated air conditioning systems

    The future is to ensure the quality of the environments in which we live · Flexibility comfort and energy saving.

    Microclimates and air quality are key issues when designing an interior.
    In recent decades, these key issues have emerged as the main risk factors of the sick building syndrome. If not designed properly, they generate discomfort and poor performance.
    Thermal comfort should be calculated by taking into account the following: Air velocity, relative humidity, radiant temperature, air temperature, energy expenditure and clothing.

  • CBI Europe has developed a complete range of cooling solutions built for raised access floors, suspended ceilings and wall coverings which offer many advantages over traditional systems.

    Indistinguishable aesthetic and architectural elements
    Reduction of energy consumption
    Efficient ventilation and improved air quality
    Comfort, improved productivity and increased health
    Reduce overall costs
    Flexibility when rearranging workspaces and their use
    Versatility of air conditioning during work hours
    Increase in air change rate per hour
    Easy maintenance and cleaning of air conditioning systems
    Proper air filtration system
    Proper placement of system vents

    Our air conditioning system are divided into two parts: UFAD (underfloor air distribution) and RADIANT.
    This results in excellence, which is guaranteed by the integration of the two systems.