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Photovoltaic Systems

CBI EUROPE has invested its resources in the photovoltaic industry for several years. Climate change, the rise in oil prices and the inevitable depletion of fossil fuel reserves, make ever more urgent the need for alternative energy sources. Among the renewable energies, the photovoltaic system plays a starring role.
CBI EUROPE manufactures tailored turnkey equipment, taking care of the customer, from design to implementation.
Designs and implement solutions for every Photovoltaic need, individuals, businesses, solar farms, with a focus on maximum fuel efficiency attainable with minimal environmental impact.

Benefits of Photovoltaic Systems:

Photovoltaic technology does not require dedicated areas but makes use of areas which would remain used as roofs, facades of buildings, shelters or degraded or marginal areas.
Using an almost infinite source of energy: sunlight.
Is a technology without movement and therefore is not subject to mechanical wear and does not require special maintenance.
The photovoltaic module has a lifetime of more than 20 years.
The maintenance costs are lower than all other energy sources, renewable and non.
PV systems can have a modular design and a range of very considerable power, being able to charge anything from a watch to an entire city.
The systems can be easily expanded for a higher post-construction energy demand.
The creation of a photovoltaic system is very fast (eg, less than three weeks for a system of 50 kWp).
Sunlight does not increase the price, as opposed to fossil fuels.

Holding our established production philosophy, and in response to the growing need for environmental sustainability and energy saving, CBI Europe has installed the latest generation photovoltaic system on the roof of the company.
The new system will generate over 1 megawatt of electrical energy.

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