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Japanese University, Alexandria
produits planchers techniques nazione egypt

June/September 2019

Japanese University _ Alexandria _ Egypt

CBI Europe was chosen for the supply in one of the most important and prestigious building works in North Africa in 2019.
Thanks to the quality and productive power of the Raised Access Floors division of CBI Europe, capable of producing over 1 million square meters. annually, we have sent 25 40 ft containers in just 4 months.

product installed: raised access floors
PT38 woodcore panels 600x600x38 mm with HPL ABET  2810  top covering.
Structure made with adjustable pedestals type: CBI 03 / CBI 07 (62.000 pcs)
and clip on stringers type T 536/L, 25X30 mm.
surface: 18.500 mq



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