Raised Access Floors
Hi-tech floors

CBI Europe’s Technical Raised Access Floor Systems are made up of modular elements (panels) 600 x 600, resting on a special support structure in steel available in different measurements. The space (technical area) that is created between the panel and the floor (on which the structure rests) is used to accommodate the plumbing and electrical wiring, and is 100% inspectable.

The modular elements are standard or custom made, resistant, durable, easy to handle, simple and quick to install, inspected, certified, eco-friendly and designed for new generation interiors.

Thanks to aesthetic research and advanced technology, our products provide many benefits over traditional systems:

Achieving flexible, comfortable, contemporary and socially responsible interiors
Obtaining points for LEED certification
Soundproofed environments
Speeding up construction
Containing costs of labour and maintenance
100% structures and systems inspectionability
Integration with advanced climate control, domotics and lighting
Precise budgeting

The wide range of products and finishes available gives customers the ability to consolidate the shipment thus lowering the costs of transport.

CBI Europe’s technical floors are divided into three categories


Campus Palmas Altas, Seville
Future TV, Future TV
Sipopo Congress Center, Malabo
Infissi Design, Treia _ Italy, Infissi Design
Oleificio Rocchi, Lucca
Eda center, Nova Gorica
Swan Office Park, Bucharest
Dhow Tower, Sharq
Regency Casino Mont Parnes, Athens
Lavazza head offices, Torino
Astana Expo 2017, Astana
Kauno Dokas, Kaunas
Noc Tower, Qiib Qatar International Islamic Bank, Doha
Green Hall 2, Vilnius
Sede Amazon, Milano
Eika Business centre, Vilnius
Palazzo Italia, Roma
Queen Mary, University of London, London
New Office building of OPAP, Athens
Nespresso, Romont
Openville, Timisoara
Yildirimlar Holding, Istanbul
Baltijos Gildija, Vilnius
Promenade Garden, Budapest
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