Wood Ceilings ยป Wall Sound Absorption
wall sound absorption
Integrated air conditioning systems: an ideal solution for maximum comfort.

CBI Europe’s radiant ceilings are designed for low thermal inertia and combine energy savings with maximum comfort in both heating and cooling.

Flexible and versatile, they can be perfectly integrated with CBI Europe’s wall coverings, ceilings, and all the other products of CBI Europe’s air conditioning systems.

Radiant ceilings or walls can be an alternative to radiant floor heating, or to complement the primary heating and cooling systems.
The combination of CBI Europe’s Ufad radiant systems allows further integration with the primary air treatment system, dehumidification and takes part in cooling in the summer.
This advanced integration and technology enhances comfort, the elements are harmonized through the full integration of the environment’s main elements, so well, that it is no longer possible to distinguish the thermal elements from the decorative ones.

CBI Europe’s technical department provides all the necessary support in designing a Hi-tech integrated air conditioning system.

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