The EPD assessment is based on the international ISO standards for LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) and is verified by independent bodies. It allows us to know, assess and compare the environmental impact of each production aspect.

The Declaration, created on a voluntary basis, serves to define in detail the consumption of resources (materials, water, energy) and the impact on the surrounding environment in the various phases of the product's life cycle. The minimum steps considered range from the extraction of raw materials, their transport to the production site and the production itself, to the disposal of the product.

The results are presented in summary form through a series of environmental indicators, such as the amount of carbon dioxide emitted or GWP (Global Warming Potential) per declared unit of product (e.g. per tonne).
The EPD allows the environmental impacts of a product or service to be communicated to the market in a clear and transparent way.

· Optimise production processes by reducing costs and waste and monitoring the improvement of the environmental performance of products.
· Define in a transparent and objective way the environmental performance of a product throughout the production chain.
· Contribute to obtaining credits for sustainability protocols (e.g. LEED)
· Define all the information to support "green purchasing", both public and private.

› All CBI Europe Raised access floor panels are EPD® certified
› All CBI Europe Metal ceilings and coverings are EPD® certified
› All CBI Europe Wood ceilings and coverings are EPD® certified