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Skilled and experienced technicians help customers to find the necessary resources to purchase the products and services of CBI Europe during engineering, budget preparation and investment stages.

General Contact
Reception + 39 071 7108688

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Franco Catena -

Overseas Sales Manager
Ronald Heremans -

General Manager
Francesco Catena -
Sales Department 
wood ceilings & coverings
Roberto Marrocchini -

metal ceilings & coverings and raised access floor
Ronald Heremans -
Francesco Catena -

demountable partitions
Chitu Daniel Robert -
climate division
Pierpaolo Pierucci -
Integrale Italia
Rachele Catena -
Marketing Department
Alice Catena -

Sales Service
  Andrea Giorgini -
Overseas  Stefano Borroni -
Head Accounts
Gianluca Frati - 
Giancarlo Agostinelli -
Purchasing Department
Silvia Lelli -


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