» CBI Europe

CBI Europe has produced technological and innovative systems for a complete interior installation, with passion and precision, for thirty-five years, worldwide.

Hi-tech interior products of the new generation.

The technical experience and the continuous comparison, with the demands of designers from different markets, make CBI EUROPE an ideal reference point for those who design new, refined and comfortable interiors, and at the same time CBI EUROPE is technologically advanced in an integrated context, offering a very wide range of systems, products, materials, technical solutions and alternatives that improve work environments of the latest generation.

We are committed to creating healthy and socially responsible environments. With our continuous research of new materials and systems, the international competition and comparison, awareness of needing to evolve the dynamics of modern construction techniques and to solve traditional problems. CBI Europe says today, these methods; technique, creativity and Italian style promote an interior of the third millennium, worldwide.

- Raised Access Floors
- Metal ceilings and coverings
- Wood ceilings and coverings
- Demountable partitions and office furniture
- Support structures
- Fixing accessories
- Air conditioning systems

The future is to ensure the quality of the environment in which we live.