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Modularity and lightness
Born from the experience of CBI Europe, Open Cell metal grid ceilings are made with standard 600x600 mm or 600x1200 mm panels, composed of modular aluminium elements available in numerous standard combinations, infinite in plan. They are perfect for a light and bright ceiling plenum screen, seamlessly defining spacious and elegant rooms.
The metal framed ceiling is safe, durable, environmentally friendly and easy to maintain. It integrates with all lighting and air conditioning systems. 

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large public spaces:
halls, shopping centers, banks, museums, cinemas, theaters, convention centers, swimming pools, gyms, stores.
workplaces: offices, corridors, meeting rooms, conference centers, common areas, television studios, data processing centers.
transport: subways, airports, train stations, truck stops, gas stations and refueling.
education: schools, libraries, universities, bookstores.
hospitality: hotels, restaurants, wineries, meeting rooms, yoga studios.
healthcare: outpatient clinics, doctors' offices, hospitals.

· Fire and earthquake resistance.
· Easy to clean and maintain.
· Easy to install.
·  Integration with air conditioning, building automation and lighting systems.
· Total inspectability.
· 100% made in Italy.

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